Someday With You: Enduring Love

It’s February, so love stories abound! Yay! This is my nth romance read this month, and lazy me has yet to review all of them. But I am trying. Haha. I am! So here we go~ 

Someday With You: and other stories cover
Ines Bautista-Yao’s Someday with You: and other stories is a collection of three short stories focusing on that crazy little thing called love. The collection’s tagline, Why do broken hearts continue to hope?, says a lot about the stories that featured hearts yearning for second chances. There’s a lot of #hugot in this one, but with me being the hopeless romantic, I am so happy everyone got their happy endings. Beware of spoilers! 🙂 

“She filled his days, his nights, his thoughts, his dreams. She wasn’t his, but somehow, she was always with him”

 – Someday With You from ‘Someday With You: and other stories’

The titular story, Someday with You, deals with a difficult but common scenario. Patrick, the good guy, finds himself stuck in the friendzone. A lot would be able to relate, I believe! He was Andrea’s best friend, the one who was so close yet so far, the one who could only watch from a respectful distance, lest he risk losing her friendship. He thought he had it all under control, but Andrea just had to kiss him, didn’t she? God, girls were so difficult. I felt so much of Patrick’s pain throughout the story as he struggled to keep himself in check despite his ever growing feelings, feelings that persisted even after all the drama, even after four whole years. You really can’t help what you feel. This is a short and sweet read, and I’m really happy Patrick got his happy ending!

“…he could crave all he wanted, but the only thing he could taste were his bitter feelings.”

– One Last Thing from ‘Someday With You: and other stories’

The next story opens with what seems to be a typical date in the park, with Toby gazing at his girlfriend, Angela, from atop a tree. You’d wonder why he’s seated all the way up there when he could be beside her. Oh what he would give to be beside her… But then, we witness him float, jump in front of trains, and enjoy whatever other perks there were of being dead, and realize that, Ah… He’s a spirit! One Last Thing initially reminded me of Elizabeth Chandler’s collection of novels, Kissed by an Angel, wherein true love enabled the guy to stay on so as to watch over the girl (but that’s a whole different review for another time…). In One Last Thing, Toby struggles with the fact that he is dead, while Angela, his friend, Jake, and his family were all still alive, while having to accomplish a list of tasks required of him, a sort of prerequisite before he could enter Heaven. This is a story about moving on with life and from life, about appreciating what you had and what you still have, and I really enjoyed it! Probably my favorite of the three. The end begs a lot of questions though! I wonder how open Ines is to writing a sequel. I want to see how spirit Toby conquers the rest of his to-do’s!

“…he couldn’t help looking at her that way. With his heart in his eyes. With his soul wanting, yearning, dispairing.”     

Things I’ll Never Say from ‘Someday With You: and other stories’

The final story, Things I’ll Never Say, is another cute read. The Andrew in my head is such a cutiepie, that boy next door type who somehow thinks he pales in comparison with the cool, bad boy (Raffy) and that he’ll never be good enough for the Girl (Penny). These three are struggling with the high demands of their fame, brought about by their successful modelling careers. As if the problems of growing up weren’t hard enough! And yes, of course, feelings just had to get in that way as well. Andrew and Penny’s confession scene at the end is such a sugary-filled moment. I was all-smiles all throughout reading, and couldn’t help going Awww… Finally!. Some things really should be said, aloud and directly to the person they are meant for. Magic can happen!

As a whole, what I liked the most about this collection is that the stories are told from the perspective of the guys, putting into light the fact that despite whatever front they may insist on putting up, even they are subject to the thrills and torments of falling in love. In fact, sometimes, they are more vulnerable to heartbreak as it still isn’t that culturally-acceptable for guys to deal with feelings, what with machismo still very much prevalent in a lot of people’s mindsets. Someday With You: and other stories breaks through that stereotype and successfully offers us three delightful stories about enduring love, transcending whatever barriers there may be. Even death itself.

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: highly recommended for fans of cute, light, and sweet love stories; all the hopeless romantics will take delight in the victory of love and happiness amidst all trials;

Watch out for: three potential book-boyfriend cuties!; #hugot – lots of it, particularly as you emphatize with the character’s feelings, especially Patrick’s hurt, Toby’s frustration, and Andrew’s longing

E-book copy received from the author as a prize from a #romanceclass online event. Thank you! 


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