Waiting in the Wings: What I’ve Been Looking For

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I’ve always been fascinated with the world of theater. Seeing stories come alive on stage through the skillful actors, breathtaking set, colorful costumes, and atmospheric music makes one feel like stepping into another dimension. More than just live entertainment, it is the experience of immersion that fully captures the heart of the audience. And makes those ridiculous ticket prices so worth it. 

Waiting in the Wings cover

That said, I was instantly captivated by the premise of Waiting in the Wings, the newest offering of Tara Frejas, which revolves around a romance in the world of theater. The set-up of the novel has been excellently planned. I loved the world of Teatro Lakambini. The fictional theater company’s dynamics were palpable throughout the entire story, and it was particularly hard not to love all the members of this happy troupe. All the characters, not just our main ones, are well-developed. I especially liked Hiraya, the playwright, and how her personality seems to bounce off the page.

But the heart and soul of this novel would have to be our main trio, Erin, Ramon, and Pio. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so overly involved in the lives of fictional characters, but in the case of these three, it’s a little hard to do so, given how the novel successfully reels the reader into an immersion of its world, not unlike a brilliant theatrical performance.

“She was only 23, and already so exhausted with romances that were never even real.”

Looking at Erin Javier, one of Teatro Lakambini‘s most sought-after leading ladies, one would wonder why she is still single. You’d think all the boys would be all over their knees for this beautiful, bubbly, and talented lady! But that wasn’t the case, and seeing as all her friends were all happily in a relationship, Erin couldn’t help but wonder when she’d get the chance to fall in love.

Cue Pio and Ramon, the two young men vying for that special place in her heart.

Pio Alvez, theater royalty and heartthrob, has charm and looks beyond compare. When the famous actor began taking notice of her, Erin honestly’t didn’t know what to make of it. Pio even admitted to having a little crush on her from watching all her previous shows. Was he the one she had been waiting for? Pio’s straightforward ways of showing affection brought kilig to Erin’s every day, and who could blame her? We do not see the arrogant and broody stereotype in him. Pio was beyond friendly. He was just perfect. 

But while I go all kilig for Mr. Perfect in all my reads every now and then, I’ve always, always, always had a soft spot for The Nice Guy. The Best Friend. The One who was Always There. Like in the K-Drama, He’s Beautiful, I was on Kang Shin woo’s side from the very beginning! Nice guys ❤ 

“For now, my heart knows no one else.”

So it was inevitable for me to cheer Mr. Ramon Figueroa on his seemingly one-sided feelings for his college buddy. Ahhh, this guy is such a sweetheart. And to also be a talented dancer and singer and actor? Triple threat with a heart, baby. Plus plus points because he’s family-oriented (just look at how caring he is for Ga!), super trust-worthy (probably the best best friend you could ever have), and has that vulnerable side. How could Erin be so blind?! I’d choose Ramon in a heartbeat! #teamramon

Erin’s “audition” at the end deserves a standing ovation. I loved the scene so much. Definitely one of the best “grand gesture” scenes I’ve read. So much feels!

I know what you’re thinking. Who is that “grand gesture” for? Who does Erin end up with?  Not going to say, dear reader! You have to find out for yourself!

Sigh… It goes to show that maybe, the one thing we’ve been looking for all our lives has never been that far off. As the title proclaims, it is simply there, waiting in the wings, in those small dark areas concealed from plain view. We need only look. We need only listen. We need only open our hearts. 

The e-ARC used for the basis of this review was provided for by the author. Thank you!

Extra Ranting: Dear Tara, any chance for the songs in the book (Himig ng Pag-uwi and Erin’s Waltz) to become like legit songs? Loved the lyrics! 🙂

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: A sure new favorite for fans of light romance who’ll get the added bonus of getting immersed in the fantastic world of the theater arts; highly recommended!

Watch out for: memorable characters, sweetness and kilig overload, and two fantastic gentlemen who are welcome to be my leading man any day, every day (still #teamramon though)


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