Chasing Mr. Prefect: Nobody but Me

After a long day at the health station doing clinic duties, afternoons in the community are best spent with a good book! This time around, and still keeping true to Romance Reads for February, I picked up Chasing Mr. Prefect by Katt Briones. Yes, even during my community medicine rotation, I still can’t help but bring novels along. Haha! Can’t go anywhere without a book! Overwhelmed with all the papers I had to write, exit reports and reflection papers and all that, I fell a little behind with this review, but here it finally is! I gladly re-indulged myself in all the feels just so I could give this review proper justice!

Chasing Mr. Prefect cover

So, in Chasing Mr. Prefect, we find our protagonist,  Lavinia Magdalene “Vinnie” Exconde facing possible academic suspension. It’s not like her grades are in the red; they’re not that bad. Never one to back down from what she thinks is right, Vinnie gamely faced her annoying bully of a classmate and got caught up in a catfight. Hence, the visit to the disciplinary prefect’s office where she comes face-to-face with Mr. Achiever himself, Cholo Valiente. As a sort of punishment, Vinnie has to work with Cholo on Ephemere, one of the biggest and most-awaited events in their university, all the while striving to chase after the ridiculous standards Mr. Perfect (este Prefect) seemed to have already set and expect of her.

Let me begin by saying that I loved Vinnie as a heroine! I’m all about the spunk, the hard core determination, and oh-my-gosh the sarcasm! I had plenty of laugh-out-loud moments over Vinnie’s dialogues. Sobrang palaban ni ate girl! On the other hand, I found Cholo an interesting love interest – the smart and responsible student leader, the worrywart and persistent perfectionist, whose thoughtfulness and sweetness can be too darn adorable when he wants to show he cares. Different as they are, the two are absolutely perfect together, complementing each other with their strengths and weaknesses. The character development we observe in the two, especially with how Vinnie goes from feeling like she has something prove to simply making the most of who she is, is excellently executed throughout the course of the novel.

Family is a subtheme of this novel, and I think the story succeeded in portraying certain issues faced by extended and blended families. I really liked reading about Cholo’s relationship with his family – such a hodgepodge of characters! Chip and Chan are absolute big brother goals what with their love, concern, and downright acceptance for their little “Choleng”. Asher, Chan’s boyfriend, provided quite the comic relief! I loved his moments on the page. Vinnie’s own family dynamics was interesting to behold, especially how Cholo’s presence in her life greatly influenced how she dealt with her step-mother and step-sister.

The ending is soooo cute! Made me “awww!”, and wonder if I’ll ever be able to find such a great guy in real life (intelligent + responsible + sensitive to my needs + family-oriented + good looks as a bonus). Definitely adding Cholo to my list of book boyfriends (ang dami na nila, ang lala… haha!).

Here’s to being true to yourself, for not letting anyone dictate what you should do and who you should become. And here’s to finding those special people who not only accept you for who you are, but also help you grow and develop into the better version of you that you were meant to be. 🙂

The copy of the book used as basis for this review was provided by the author! Thank you!

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: Highly recommended for fans of fun, light romantic novels; readers are guaranteed to get their perfect fix of sweetness and sarcasm in the two main characters

Watch out for: lots of laughs in this one; a cute pizza date!; family moments; and times when you’ll find yourself wondering when you’ll ever meet a Cholo to take home and introduce to your family (Noche Buena scene, omg~)


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