King’s Cage: Breaking Free

This is more of a ranting post rather than a legitimate review. My goodness this book! This series! I’ve been waiting  for the third installment in Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series since like the second I finished the second book, Glass Sword, way back last year during clerkship. After waiting a while for stocks to finally arrive at the bookstore near my place, I I promptly got myself a copy of King’s Cage. Even the toxicities of my current OB-GYN rotation aren’t enough to keep me from reading! I spent yesterday’s post-duty Monday to read, and wow, did it leave my feelings all over the place.

Beware of spoilers as per usual, my dear readers! 

King’s Cage cover

Since the Red Queen, I’ve been in awe of Aveyard’s magnificent world-building and intense character development. The Kingdom of Norta is just so vivid in my head, given her brilliant writing. And I can’t even begin to explain how invested I am in all her characters, who seem to burst with life throughout each page. The existence of Reds, Silvers, and Newbloods/Ardents is so believable.

We suffer with Mare through her captivity inside Maven’s posh palace and the weight of Silent Stone. I literally say suffer because the first part of the book seemingly drags on and on about Mare’s ‘imprisonment’. It was almost boring, but realize that this actually reflects a lot about Mare’s situation. I can only imagine how she feels, under watch 24/7, her lightning bound by silence, being forced to do whatever King Maven dictates her to do.

Maven is such a complicated guy, and King’s Cage ! My goodness, this guy seriously needs a referral to a psychiatrist. He could do with regular therapy sessions and probably even a bunch of anti-psychotics too. His moods are all over the place. He’s seriously unpredictable and for that kind of guy to be the reigning monarch of an already crumbling kingdom, oh gosh. Poor, poor Norta. Poor, poor Reds. I am equally as conflicted as Mare as to what to feel for this guy. I also kinda miss the sensitive second prince, the shadow of the flame, from the first book. Could he still be there underneath all that crazy? And now that he’s finally free of his mother’s influence (or is he?!), can that guy surface once more?

And I cannot not rant about Cal. Oh goodness, Tiberias Calore the Seventh. As always, my heart absolutely bursts with feels over this guy. The fire prince who got manipulated into killing his own father (!!!) and got his rightful title and throne stolen from him, who struggles with participating in a rebellion and fighting against the people of his own blood, who has to deal with his feelings over this cannot-be-controlled lightning girl… You’ve got to hand it to him for keeping it strong. Ugh, and he definitely blazes aflame in King’s Cage with his intellect, military expertise, and natural leadership. And oh yeah, his ridiculously good looks, as well. (Really? A barrage of shirtless Cal scenes? Talk about HOT!)

Farley has always been one of my favorite characters in this series, what with her tough don’t-you-dareand wow, did I love her even more in this one! I squealed with the revelation of her pregnancy!!! Yay~! Badass momma right here! And heading straight into war post-partum? Intense. Iba ka, General! And of course, so much feels for Baby Clara! Awww~ Wonder if we’ll see her grow up in any of the future books / spin-off stories. I can’t wait to see Shade come alive in her.

In this book, we also get to read from Evangeline’s point of view, and it reveals a lot about our favorite QueenBee. I honestly did not see that coming. We get a more intimate look into the lives of the ever elusive House Samos and their seemingly never-ending ambition for power.

King’s Cage puts you in a middle of a whole war of your own, with revelations and twists abound written brilliantly. Squeal for the “Rolling Around in the Mud” scene. AHH~  The whole War of Corvium scene is so intense and practically kept me at the edge of my seat!

But of course, what really smashed my heart into a million pieces was the Epilogue. MY GOODNESS. WHAT WAS THAT?! I don’t even know who to side with! I get both Mare and Cal’s sides, and it just frustrates me that they have to result to such a situation. Haven’t these two been through enough? Nope, apparently not, since there’s still a fourth book coming along~ ARGH. “Choose me,” they both said. BUT COME ON. Those were some pretty impossible choices.

Okay. I think I’m done ranting. It was good to get that out of my system. Long ranting short, READ THIS SERIES. It’s great. But if you’re just starting out, I think it may be best to wait for the fourth book to come out as well, so you don’t suffer the way I do over all those freakin’ cliff-hangers. Old readers should hurry up and read this third installment and share in my ranting via the comments! Can Book Four come any sooner? Huhuhu.

Let’s go back to studying noooow~. Ranting over!

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: A highly-recommended masterful young adult fantasy series that is difficult to put down; readers are sure to fall in love with amazing world-building, well-formed characters, and extremely hooking plot-line that is never without surprises

Watch out for: heart-stopping action scenes with plot twists abound; one headstrong heroine, whose drive is a strong as lightning, two fire princes who are both as hot and complex as the power they yield; those unexpected feels. CAL, MY GOODNESS.


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