Feels Like Summer: Some Like It Hot

After enjoying Sounds Like Summer a few months back, I knew I was in for a treat when Six de los Reyes announced her newest brainchild, Feels Like Summer. Being the medical intern that I am, for me, there is no “summer vacation. There is no “vacation” at all. There is only “preduty”, “duty”, and “postduty”, and then repeat. That said, I turn to the world of literature and my ever active imagination to get me out of the hospital, albiet temporarily and only in my mind. How sad, but oh well… Such is the life of a doctor-to-be!

Before I officially begin this review, yes, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but it’s not like I’ve been slacking off. I’ve been so tired lately, with OB-GYN being the toxic rotation that it is. Reading, as always, has served as my means of temporary escape, but finding the energy to write reviews is a whole other story. 

Anyhow, ranting aside, let’s go back to the topic at hand. Rx: Literature is pleased to be a part of the Feels Like Summer blog tour! *cue confetti and party poppers* Yay~! I spent one post-duty afternoon with this one and was pleasantly treated to a blazing hot read! 

Dear readers, take caution as there may be a few spoilers from this point on. You know me and my rantings~

Feels Like Summer book cover
It all began with a mere five minutes. Our headstrong heroine, Jett, probably had no idea just how much her life would change in those five minutes. She was only supposed to pretend to be the girlfriend of this guy, Adrian, for that short amount of time, but one thing [ie. an undeniable attraction] led to another [ie. an agreement to “help” each other], and soon, all the complications pop up. It was what Jett feared in the first place, these inexplicable feelings. They were too much of a bother to handle. She learned the hard way that the only person she should trust with her heart was herself. No one, not even pretty boy rockstar Adrian, could change that. Or could he?

“You don’t get to save your heart from breaking by pretending you don’t have one.”

Man, this book could give the sun a run for its money with its really high heat levels right from the get-go! The chemistry between Jett and Adrian is palpable, and while I’ve never been a fan of the casual sex relationship, Feels Like Summer handles it pretty well and guides the relationship between the two characters fluidly towards something more concrete. I really enjoyed reading through the transition between how the two started with the whole “nothing serious, just physical stuff” thing to “I’m already a part of your life, get over it” thing. 

I loved the characters, just absolutely loved them! Jett is so different from our typical romantic heroines. I love that she’s so full of attitude while at the same time, being so damn dark and complicated. Aaaaand, she’s a museum girl. That’s so cool, let me just say. On the other hand, Adrian is a nice-guy type of love interest, and because I’m all for the nice guys, he had my approval right from the very start. I am so glad he wasn’t written as a rockstar stereotype (you know, rude, egocentric, and a downright player?). This guy actually cares about relationships. 

“I’m too busy figuring out how to be yours to fall for anyone else”

AND how can I not talk about Arabella? Gosh. These boys will be the end of me. I super loved reading about the rockband tropa. Every single band member is well-developed and while they stand out individually, they absolutely shine as a group. Reading along, I wanted to come hang out with them, maybe even join their clan in Legend of the Dragonborn. (Whaaat? I’m a gamer girl too! *high-fives Jett*)

Over-all, Feels Like Summer is perfect for these crazy summer days. People who have lost their faith in love might change their minds after a sweet yet hot read like this one. Better prepare all your feels. Reading this one will definitely feel a lot like summer!

Side-ranting and A Little Learning: Feel free to skip this part, dear reader, but the doctor in me just can’t help it! It’s just so funny that I’m currently in my OB-GYN rotation and I read something like Chapter Sixteen. OMG. Props for Adrian for being able to care for Jett in her moment of need. And getting the Arabella boys to do shopping for feminine care. HA! The image of the whole thing inside my head had me laughing and laughing.

Dysmenorrhea (ie. menstrual pains) can really do get excruciating, much to the point that a girl will find it hard to move even just a little bit, especially if there’s some sort of gynecologic pathology. I’m betting Jett has something like endometriosis, which is, to say, a disease characterized by uterine lining (also know as the endometrium) tissue found outside the uterus. And as is bound to happen with things that aren’t in their rightful places, they do cause severe pain. Endometriosis is usually managable by taking, as Jett is, oral contraceptive pills, which work by inducing a state of “pseudopregnancy” what with suppressing the occurrence of ovulation and menstruation, hence also eliminating the dysmenorrhea. 

The e-ARC used for this review was provided for by the author. Thank you! 

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: a definite romance must-read for the summer, packed with a hardstrong heroine and softie rockstar love interest, both victims of hard past relationships but will both be forever changed with a single five minute encounter

Watch out for: pretty high heat levels (like intense. as in.), awesome bandmates / supporting characters who will give our LI a run for his money (Michael Brian ❤ ), lots of #romanceclass cameos!


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