Summer Crush: Face the Music

Summer Crush cover

#romanceclass authors Six de los Reyes, Tara Frejas, and Jay E. Tria have come up with a three-story collection of sizzling summer heat, music festival madness, and that crazy little thing called love. So many feelings in this one, guys, and I made the mistake of reading it while post-duty, making my sleep-deprived self even more sleep-deprived. Absolutely no regrets though! Suffice to say, I enjoyed the stories too much. 🙂

Before I begin my usual ranting, let it be said that I have not read the original novellas (I need moolah~ huhuhu!)  from which these short stories were derived, the only exceptions being Feels Like Summer and Sounds Like Summer by Six de los Reyes. Goes to show that the Summer Crush stories are stand-alones. Like me, you can enjoy them without having to read the novellas, but I figure having that prerequisite will give you a whole new experience.

You Only Need Reminding – Jay E. Tria

Among the 3 heroines of Summer Crush, I relate with Ana the most. We’re both so stressed over work and school, and quite frankly, though we do attempt to take breaks every now and then, resting would sometimes feel a bit sinful. Nakaka-guilty, to say the least. But burnout does happen, and so, you seek whatever means of escape you can find. For Ana, what better way to forget, albeit temporarily, her problems, than an unforgettable music festival weekend in La Union with her rockstar boyfriend, Miki of indie band Trainman.

But Ana doesn’t forget. All the stress and guilt follows her all throughout the weekend. Her mind is so consumed by all these problems that she seemed to have forgotten the most important thing. But Miki, ever resilient Miki, takes time to remind her. That he’s there. That he’ll always be there. That even if life is hard, they’ll always have each other, and that’ll make everything okay.

Sigh. I need a Miki who’ll drop me love-filled meals, surprise coffees, and cute little texts during duty nights. I’m a sucker for soft heroes. Ang sweet po. I’ve been meaning to get the complete Playlist series, but I still don’t have enough savings for it. >.< Maybe soon. Maybe after boards? LOL. Ang tagal pa…

Almost There – Tara Frejas

I’m a victim of the Hallyu, more K-drama than K-pop, so much so that I even wrote a term paper about the whole Korean wave back in my first semester of pre-Med. Sooo, I find the whole premise of Tara’s Scandalized very interesting. I meant to get a copy last #AprilFeelsDay, but it got sold out. 😦

Anyhow, we see Fi back at work as the road manager of popular Korean rock band, the East Genesis Project, and they’re all back in the PH for the La Union music festival. She’s happily in a relationship with the band’s deputy PR manager, Gabriel, but honestly, I don’t quite know how I feel about it. *Might need to read Scandalized after all…* Besides, Almost There is all about EG Project’s frontman,  Jo Yihwan.

My goodness, Yihwan. I felt my chest tighten a bit over all the heartbreak, the ‘tell me I still have a chance’, the ‘I want you to be happy, even if that means I have to let you go’. Huhuhuhu. Timing can be such a cruel slap to the face, but it really can make you or break you.


Ocean Eyes – Six de los Reyes

I already know that Six is fond of the atypical heroine, and though I’ve gotten a glimpse of the elusive Rhys in the Summer Storm books, I’ve yet to fully appreciate a story that is hers, so yay for Ocean Eyes! We see the sensitive side of  Little Miss Boss here, and of course, more of Mr. Ocean Eyes himself, Isaiah!

Now, I dislike cheating, so knowing that Rhys actually still has a sort-of thing with this Ryan, no matter how complicated it may be, while she has this thing with Isaiah, puts me a bit off, but the chemistry between Rhys and Isaiah is definitely there. Well-developed characters is something I love about Six, so yeah… There’s that.

But my fangirl self screams for the Arabella boys who are just soooooo adorable in this one with Rhys acting like some sort of mommy, while Kenny plays nanny. Hehe~ Can we have a Michael Brian story? And a Franklin one? Please? Pretty please? 


My favorite part about this collection are the songs! The poetry just sings through the pages, with all the feels. Beautifully written.  But, I cannot not mention another favorite – I don’t know how many times I’ve laughed out loud over the Tropical Hot dudes. Banana Bliss. Dalandan Delight. Hawaiian Glee. Watermelon Wonderland. Juskolerd. At ang galing pa lagi ng timing ni Kuya! 

So, mga mamser, read Summer Crush for laughs and kilig. A great complement to the hot summer days. Hurry and face the music, for this collection will surely not disappoint! Pislabrakenrol!

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: read this one for a quick dose of summer romance that comes in a sweet Miki version, soul-bearing Yihwan version, and cool Isaiah version. It promises beach, love, and rock & roll, and it delivers. The collection also serves as a good teaser to the works of the three authors.

Watch out for: brace yourself for a load of feels, as hot, sizzling, and labile as the summer sun; the Holy Trinity of Abs, the crazy Arabella boys (Michael Brian ❤ #bias); and of course, Tropical Hot dudes and their (ahem) free samples *wink, wink*


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