You Out of Nowhere: A Pleasant Surprise

#romanceclassFlair is a new, ongoing project dedicated to producing steamy contemporary romance written in English by Filipino authors. There are four new titles from four different #romanceclass authors about to be released, and these books will be unapologetically sexy. Readers can expect alternating point-of-views, twists on favorite romance tropes, Filipino characters, and lots (NOT EVEN KIDDING ABOUT THIS ONE – AS IN, LOTS) of HEAT.

Jay E. Tria’s You Out of Nowhere is the first in the #romanceclassFlair titles and it definitely delivers all its promises and more. Meet our tough cookie (pun not intended) MC Kris and adorable LI Ringo below!  

You Out of Nowhere book cover

I did a live-tweet reading of this one, finishing the whole thing in one sitting. Hohoho~! Read through my reactions and favorite quotes here –> Live Tweet: You Out of Nowhere

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: Would not disappoint those who like their romances steamy hot~! Future readers of this one are advised to be prepared for laugh-out-load moments, cute swoon-worthy moments, and dear-God-did-he-and-she-really moments (yep, feels all over the place). 

Watch out for: because it’s FLAIR, the heat levels are quite HIGH – 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, a great take on the younger guy trope,  Seoul-searching, and references to pop culture & some #romanceclass favorites (Trainman gig got me fan girl squealing~!) 


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