Like Nobody’s Watching

Happy new year, everyone! 2017 was a year full of ups and downs, so I’m eager to welcome 2018 with much hope and promise. I got my heart broken several times for a variety of reasons, but I’m alive and kicking, thanks to the love and appreciation that have been sent my way. Writer wise, I’ve finished a YA novella for #romanceclassYA and am currently in the process of editing it (holidays got in the way! Haha!); also, I’m preparing for re-launches of my previous books, so stay tuned! Book reviewer wise, I’ve read several books to ease me of my heartbreaks, but have obviously yet to write any reviews! Haha! So allow me to start remedying that! ~

“I asked if your ex has abs.”

“Last I remember? Yes.”

“Well then.” Pio cleared his throat and put his shirt on in haste. “Abs aren’t everything, anyway…”

Like Nobody’s Watching book cover

While I was very much in Team Ramon after reading Waiting in the Wings (see my full review here: Waiting in the Wings: What I’ve Been Looking For), the fact that perfect Pio Alvez didn’t get his own happy ending never sat well with me. Because as much I thought Erin and Ramon were meant to be together, the earnest, handsome actor with a mega-watt smile instantly captivated my heart. He deserved to get his own happily ever after. So, thank goodness Tara Frejas decided to give Pio his own novella!

When Like Nobody’s Watching started like it did, I was afraid that my dear, sweet Pio was going to end up a rebound. Audrey is introduced as a girl in trouble, drunk, miserable, depressed, fresh out of a break-up from a boyfriend of 10 years, and currently pursued by men of ill intentions. Pio, the gentleman that he is, takes it upon himself to save her from this predicament, and what results is quite the unexpected meet-cute. Drunk girl just poured her heart out to her mysterious savior, who happens to look so much like this hot actor.

“Would you be willing to start something real…with me?”

This title contains a handful of romance tropes – fake dating (that eventually leads to real feelings), dealing with exes, and even older girl-younger guy. And while said themes were not exactly handled in such a way to make Like Nobody’s Watching notably stellar compared to stories that share the same tropes, it is the characters that ultimately make this title stand out. If you liked Pio in Waiting in the Wings as much as I did, you’re pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with him in this one. Audrey is likewise so likeable as the heroine. Both protagonists are characterized well, filled with much personality that I would probably recognize them straight off the bat were they actual living persons. Pio’s brothers deserve a special mention. I loved the Tagaytay “Let’s cheer Pyo up” scene so much! Kuya Gani and Kuya Datu are so awesome. I’m going to be waiting for their own spin-off novellas *fingers crossed*.

Overall, Like Nobody’s Watching makes for a nice, pleasant read, definitely relatable and would make for a nice addition to any romance lover’s book shelf.

*Got my e-copy from the author’s very generous month-long Christmas Amazon giveaway! Thank you so much, Tara!*

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: A Jaime Pio a day keeps all the lovestruck fangirls happy and swooning – Romance fans will not be disappointed in this light read that’s sure to have them falling for such a perfect book boyfriend in Pio. Readers will also find a strong, inspiring heroine in Audrey.

Watch out for: things getting a little bit heated somewhere in the middle, great and memorable characters (including cameos of favorites from Waiting in the Wings), laugh-out-loud moments mixed in with all the Pio feels


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