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Toxicity Level: Low

Hi! Thank you for visiting Rx: Literature! Because you arrived at this particular page in my blog, I am assuming you’re either 1) an extremely curious person (much like me!) who wondered what a ‘review policy’ might be; or 2) an author / publisher interested in a honest-to-goodness review. Either way, great! Read on!

When I’m not busy with doctor stuff, I mostly dabble in the world of literature by either reading and writing. Books and stories are what keep me sane, after all, in the midst of all the pressures of doctor life. That being said, there will be plenty of times that I’ll be crazy busy, and this is the reason behind that short “The Doctor is In” portion at the top of this page. Depending on what work I’m currently involved in, the ‘toxicity level’ (my level of stress, work load, and exhaustion) would vary. To guide you all, I decided to make 3 levels of toxicity: 1) LOW – I am in a light and benign line of work – happy days!; 2) MODERATE – I am in an okay contract that, with discipline and time management, would allow me free time to engage in whatever I want; and 3) HIGH – I am in an extremely demanding job that requires majority of my effort and attention. Please be guided by my current toxicity level when sending in your message requests! 

Any queries regarding book reviews / blog tours may be addressed to, via Twitter, via Facebook, or simply via the Contact page of this blog.

Again, depending on my toxicity level, allow me leeway to respond to messages! I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Genre-wise, I read a whole spectrum of books, depending on my mood. And that actually varies a lot! But recently, and because they’re also the genres I write in, I’ve come to prefer:

  • Young Adult: of ALL subgenres, but I really like contemporary YA, fantasy YA, dystopian YA;
  • New Adult: contemporary
  • Diverse Reads – surprise me with something different!

Format-wise, I prefer reading hard copies (paperbacks/hardcovers) but am not closed to e-books (ePub / PDF).

As much as possible, I try to give honest and filter-free reviews, much so that I cannot always (in fact, I rarely) promise spoiler-free ones. I do not use a rating system and instead leave ‘prescriptions’ at the end of all my reviews to sum up what I thought about a particular read and who I think would benefit.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Again, don’t hesitate to message me for any queries!

Let us continue healing through reading~

– Angeli 🙂


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